Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Take Five

This is a little animation we made for uni based around a secret super awesome hidden game idea. Jordan crafted the cute little birds and i animated. It was good fun and a first time animating in maya. So!
Just a short post for now.
There is work to be done. And by work, i mean shower. xx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


So i havent done this in ages. Last time i had it was about that flash game i STILL havent finished because i have piss little idea how to do the sound. But i drew a troll, it looks like this. Its not a normal troll though, its one that hasnt eaten a person in ages because of wolves scaring them away from his bridge, ohhh :(

Friday, 4 June 2010

I do love to Flash..

So uni is over and to keep myself occupied i have started a new flash project. I try not to get bored before i finish this one, and then hopefully host it on Kongregate or something. Sadly, like my old flash game, i have learnt a lot more than when i started making it. Which means its already dated and a bit over bearing. But, what can you do eh.

Heres a screeny. Its some odd desert, western, strang town.

more info on that later!
I want to make some kind of circus carnival freak show flash game. OR! a shooter. I learnt that the other day. Custom cursors and all.
Much love xx

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I dont understand photoshop.

I wont pretend im a wizard at photoshop, because its pretty obvious im not. But the above is a picture of the first two bounty hunters drawing, inked and coloured. I'm really pleased with how they came out. There could be more of a contrast in the colours but hey!

You cant win them all.

These two are in the same faction as you could probably guess by the similarities in armour colour.
Im also starting to learn after effects, but i might scrap the idea cause i dont get how to do the 3d stage with 2d pictures. I think i might need to use apple motion.

and im a PC, xx.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Because everyone loves Greedo

This is my looks-a-little-bit-like-charmeleon bounty hunter guy. I decided i was going to do loads of them, then using that after effects put them all together to make a video set in an alien bounty hunter type bar.

So the run down on this guy:
Originally i was just trying to draw more interesting poses. We looked at mime artists the other day and i figured i'd take from that and draw someone ACTUALLY leaning.

the cigarette is just to add more to his personality. He has a sneaky pistol too. Light/no armour, quiet guns., moody look. Definitely an assassin guys, xx.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

You sound like you're from Laandun?

So these little guys are from a time i helped Sam with a video he was making which can be seen on YouTube here:


It was really neat to do. I actually had to look at clothes from that era and try and get the people looking how they would back then, which reminded me why i love doing this whole Yaobang.

The kid is on there twice, as he was the focal point and they might want to have changed the angle. His dad is the guy that looks slightly like him.. I hope. All done in my favourite program, MS paint! xx

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Grow your own!

So this was actually a series of work from a few months back:

There were a few more of them that, sadly, didn't make it up here. I think there was one with a bioshock 2 style divers helmet, and all sorts. I apologise for the amount of gas masks that go on in my work. And nudity. Don't worry! There is male nudity too..

its not just some weird kind of pervy art. Aha..?

That's the second one i did, which is probably my favourite. I should probably relate it to video games somehow, as thet's were my university course and career is heading. So this lovely lady would be a static heavy weaponry type. Anti-air I'm thinking, protecting the bases if command and conquer ever make a raunchy spin off.

There's your second gal. This beauty was actually inspired by a shower, it has a gasmask as the head and the eyes act as nifty shelves for shampoo! A heavy weapons expert if ever i saw one. Marcus Fenix doesn't stand a chance!

The last one I have a picture of and my favourite of the bunch. I have a thing for snipers. Currently playing Fallout 3 and those Muties can't touch me! I did originally decide to put a classic game hunterish aussy hat style gas mask on this braud, but it looked pretty out of place.

So thats the lot for now.
I really do like the idea, but don't think it would be quite err.. acceptable in games. Remember how parents reacted to the mass effect sex scene? xx.